I’m a 23-year-old Pakistani girl living in the Windy City – and I’m obsessed with make-up! But when I was growing up, there was literally no one for me to go to about what would look good on me! The only person who was remotely into make-up was my grandma and her go-to look was foundation much too light for her skin and lipstick.

Not really what I’m going for.

So I started watching YouTube videos and learned about the essentials of the MAC 217 blending brush and how to stipple on foundation. (Fast forward 8 years and we’ve moved on to putting condoms over our beauty blenders? Trust me, it’s a thing.)

But there was never anyone who looked like me – brown, Muslim, Pakistani.

So I decided to start a blog where I can share my experiences figuring out what beauty really means when you’re not the “ideal” – blonde, white and blue-eyed.

Look out for a bunch of ‘desi totkas’ (Pakistani old wives tales I’ve learned – and asked my grandma about) about hair care and skin care, makeup tips perfect for the lazy, brown girl and maybe even some plus-sized fashion inspiration – anything makeup and fashion, you’ll find here!

Till then, alvida (which basically means ‘bye’.)