Being A Lipstick Addict 101

It’s no surprise that the matte liquid lipstick has changed the makeup industry forever. When once upon a time we used up our makeup game with wacky eyeshadows, today makeup artists – especially on Instagram – have taken the lipstick game to a whole other level.


Needless to say, I was not going to be left behind. Soon enough, I decided to give a liquid matte lipstick at try. Thanks to Kylie Jenner, I was entranced with the whole matte phenomenon. So I went to Sephora and got my hands on Tarte’s Tarteist Lip Paint in ‘tbt’. And boy, did my life change – in a good way, because liquid lipsticks are flawless, but in a bad way, because money.

Today, I own 20 liquid lipsticks. And the collection is constantly growing.

My two favorite brands, however, are by far ColourPop and Kat Von D (who I just found out with lip liners and YAS!).



From left to right: LAX, Creeper, Jacquard, Are & Be, Viper, Femme, Perky, Wild Nothing, Tulle, Beeper, Time Square, CHI


Note: Jacquard and Femme are Ultra Satin Lips; rest are Ultra Matte Lips. Perky, Wild Nothing and CHI are from limited edition collections.

ColourPop slowly rose to fame around the same time Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits surfaced – mainly because Kylie Cosmetics is the sister company of ColourPop and, therefore, has great dupes for Kylie’s Lip Kit!

Pros: It’s a great value! Almost all ColourPop liquid lipsticks cost $6. THAT’S SO CHEAP, YOU GUYS! But the great thing is that the quality is amazing! ColourPop is a great brand to try if you want to experiment with different colors without spending too much money. The other great thing is that the Ultra Matte Lips last FOREVER! These bad boys do. not. budge. I’ve spent 14 hours with it on and the lipstick stayed on. Hell, I’ve napped with it on and it didn’t move!


This is me posing away after a bloody nap, wearing Time Square. 

Cons: The Ultra Matte Lips can be really drying – which makes sense since they don’t move at all. But if your lips aren’t smooth and exfoliated, it will show. Every single crevice of your lips will show and they can sometimes feel like they’re sucking out any moisture you may have. The formula is also very liquidy, but only for the Ultra Matte’s. The formula for the Ultra Satin’s is thicker and creamier but it still gives you a matte look.

Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick


From top to bottom: Lolita II, Lolita, Bachelorette, Exorcism 


The Kat Von D liquid lipsticks were my proper introduction to matte, long-wearing liquid lipsticks. The Tarteist lip paint wasn’t exactly matte or long-wearing – they’d rub off with the slightest mishap. But the Kat Von D one’s have been with me through it all.

Pros: The formula is GORGEOUS! It’s not at all drying and has this mousse-like feel. The color selection is also pretty damn amazing – they have black! Lolita (second from the top) is the best color in the world, without a doubt. And it looks good on everyone! Just for the color selection alone, Kat Von D wins.


LOOK AT THAT! And she’s even coming out with more!

Cons: These aren’t as long lasting as they claim to be, especially when you compare it to ColourPop. Food is its enemy. If you eat while wearing this lipstick, it’ll completely disappear from the inside. The price is another factor. $20 can be a lot for a lipstick, even if it is the standard in the industry. But there are cheaper options with as good quality – ColourPop and NYX, to name a few.

Now, I haven’t tried all the liquid lipsticks in the world. In fact, there are so many more I want to try. Huda Beauty’s Liquid Matte Lipsticks, NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Creams and Too Faced’s Melted Matte Liquified Lipsticks are definitely up high on my wish list. I won’t mind trying the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits (or anything else) but at this point that seems bleak.


But we all know that my lipstick obsession won’t be curbed that easily. In fact, by the next post, the collection would have grown. That’s a guarantee.

What are some of your favorite lipsticks?



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