Oh, hello!

Whether you’ve stumbled upon this blog by some miracle or you’re just someone who’s obligated to read this – because you go to school with me – it doesn’t matter! The good thing is you’ve found me. And now your life will change.


Expect a lot of gifs!


If you want to know more about what this blog is about and why I started here, there is an ‘About‘ page for a reason.

Since this is my first post EVER, let me tell you about how I got sucked into makeup. Growing up, I didn’t really care about my appearance and that was mostly because I was just lazy. I really didn’t care about what I looked like. I wasn’t a very social person as it is. I grew up in Karachi, Pakistan, in a very British school and we had uniforms (which, FYI, I didn’t hate). So there was never really the chance to dress up.

One day, while being very bored, I stumbled upon a YouTube video. It was a beauty blogger (don’t ask me who but I think it was her) and I was hooked. It was so calming to just watch these women walk you through these beauty tutorials. Instantly, I wanted to try it out.

But here’s the problem: there was no proper makeup in Pakistan. Literally, the only thing we had was outdated Maybelline and L’Oreal products and Body Shop shimmer cubes.


These were *everything*


Anyway, the first time I was able (and allowed) to actually buy makeup was when I was 15/16 and my mom and I went to Italy and there was a *gasp* MAC store there. My first proper makeup was only MAC – and keep in mind, “proper” is used very loosely here.


This is me, in Rome, in 2010 on my first night out with my new makeup. I had to get this picture from my mom’s Facebook because I had deleted ALL memories of this from mine…


And now it’s 2016 and I’m an expert at baking, contouring and beating my face with an egg-shaped sponge. It’s been a looooong journey, let me tell you that.

So now that I’ve proven my expertise (not really), we can get into the fun stuff.

Better hold on tight…




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